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It Will set you on your way to forging a hugely profitable ecommerce business.


My name is Donatus Amaechi

I've been doing e-commerce for over 3 years selling everything from wrist watches, handbags to creams and medications!

I’m an importer. I’ve imported everything from wrist watches to smart phones and slimming belts.

I started my entrepreneurship journey years ago and eventually grew into three major business units including Amadon Excel Technologies (an information technology-based company), Property Access Network (My real estate company) and Excel Marketing Services (My E-commerce company).

I am Nigeria's leading information publishing expert, a trainer, speaker, author and marketing consultant.

Here I promise to give you value as you read on...

So lets go on

If you have been running around ,looking for how to make money with a peace of mind, starting with as little as N50,000 to N100,000 then consider your search to be over. I have a perfect business for you.

This business is called Ecommerce

Why E-commerce?

E-commerce is the practice Importing products from abroad  according to specification and bringing them into your own country to sell at very high profit margins using the internet.

It is a very lucrative business to start and has the ability to make you very rich quickly.

But There Was a Problem

Before now, one needs to learn the process for some years and then raise millions of naira in capital to travel outside the country, spends weeks sourcing for product, before  shipping them down to Nigeria for sales.

This system is so hard that only the big guys with loads of cash can actually do this, but  now due to recent discoveries, things have changed for the better.


Why Should You Listen To Me?

You have to listen to me because i have been importing items like Brazilian human hair for my wife's all women hair saloon in Lagos for over five years now.

During these years, I was busy importing all my personal needs like wrist watches, clothes, shoes,  handbags and necklaces from importation portals like aliexpress.com with ease and i was selling to some of my friends and church members and making some little cash.

I was also selling some through postings on my timeline on facebook and twitter, doing a broadcast on whatsapp groups.

At a time my fiends and church members became tired of my bugging them to buy my stuff and they started avoiding me. So all of a sudden, their was a sharp decrease in sales that i almost abandoned my mini-importation business.

The Meeting That Changed My Bank Account

Long story short, I was at an internet marketing luncheon were i met a fellow marketer who is also an under ground importer. We started discussing business and when i told him about my importation business, the dude laugh at me and told me  that he has a secret code he has been using for long to make millions selling his products through some neglected through facebook and instagram.

He opened his Ipad to show me how well he is doing with mini-importation and e-commerce business and my jaw dropped.

He wasn't just doing well in importation business....He was absolutely killing it.

Nigger said he pulls in around N15,000,000 monthly from mini-importation and e-commerce business.

I was like...15 million what? On a monthly basis? Are you kidding me?

You mean one can make that amount in this Buhari regime?

I quickly reached out for my calculator and did the math's...

And I Arrived At N500,000 Daily

I had to humble myself and begged him to teach me.

After much begging, pleading and a little bit of stalking, he finally agreed to teach me, have a one-on-one training with him, have me pick his brains and have him spill the beans on his importation business secret.

He gave me the link to his membership site and forum were he coaches people one-one online and asked me to make payment and join.

I agreed and...paid heavily for it.

Yes...he charged me N350,000.

I needed his knowledge and guidance, so i have to pay for it.

This dude was the one who showed me all i needed to know about mini-importation and ecommerce.


He showed me the insider secrets to mini-importation and e-commerce and the very type of products to buy and make X10 of my money back in few weeks.
He showed were he buy products cheaper from manufacturers
He also introduced me to logistics companies that are 10 times  cheaper than the normal DHL or UPS
He showed me viral video marketing using facebook adverts and how i can sell my imported products to over 50 million Nigerians
He showed me messenger marketing using chatbots and how to build my own list on facebook and sell to them over and over again.
He also showed my the best courier delivery companies to use and the insider tricks behind his 89% product delivery rate.


After the training, which is more like an interrogation, I went back home and put everything he taught me about selling my imported products into practice..

Using my vast experience in internet marketing, I was able to implement his training quickly and after 2 months, the results speaks for itself.

My New Ecommerce Experiment

After learning from my millionaire mentor, i decided to implement what i have learnt. I made a research and saw the need for a product and had to test it out. You always want to test a product with a few pieces before buying more of it.


So, I bought 20 pieces of the product (a fitness product for women that helps burn belly fats fast)


I used the facebook viral video traffic system he showed me and invest just 10 $ dollars(N3,500) and i sold 20 pieces of the product in 4 days.

And guess how much I made from the sale? N139,000  in pure profit all within 4 days.


Did You Ask How?


Okay...I will tell you.


I got the product for just $1.5 (N540) from one of the websites I source products from manufacturers directly called 1688.com

This same product is selling for $5 (N1,800) a piece on Aliexpress. That is a whole three times the amount. 

See image below;



And here is the same this at another cheaper 1688 for just 10 Yuan which is N540 naira


That’s Chinese yaun and it is about 54 naira only.


And You Know What?

I sold it for N10,000 each using the viral video marketing method on facebook in just 4 days.

When I say facebook,I do not mean just posting on your timeline or spamming group with picture of the product.


I mean paid facebok adverts, using techniques that is know to only but a few.


Now Let Us Do The Math’s…


I bought it at N540 at my manufacturer’s portal and the total landing cost to Nigeria was N750


I sold it for N10,000 each.

The 20 pieces I got to test the market gave me N200,000 in revenue.

Cost of importing it was N15,000

Local shipping and charges was N46,000.

So my total expenses was N61,000.

My profit for this small importation was N139,000.


Below Is The Undeniable Proof

*I Sold 20 Tummy Belt And Made 139,000 In 4 Days*

I have gone to sell over 300 pieces of this very product and more are still been sold as I am typing this

Now is that amazing or what?

If it’s not to you, then I wonder what is.

How was i able to do it?

I was simply because i followed the instructions of my multi-millionaire trainer and mentor.

You remembered him right?

The one i talked about in the very beginning that i paid a handsome sum to teach all he knows about mini-importation and e-commerce.

One of the things he told be is.... 


"Do Not  Import Any Product Just Because You Feel People Will Like It"

He said i should focus on the following markets if i want to be rich in this business


Health wise, fitness and beauty products
Safety, technology/gadgets and security products
Luxury and convenience products

I have been following that system and it has been working very wonderfully for me

Here Are Some Examples of The Kind of Money You Can Make in E-Commerce

Women are very conscious of how beautiful and radiant their skins are. I looked in that direction and i found out that stretch mark is a very big and embarrassing problem for a lot of women.

I decided to import a  cream that helps to solve that problem by removing stretch mark on their bodies.

I saw this very good cream at my importation portal online and decided to go for it.

Below is a picture of the cream


This product is called “skin Doctor stretch mark remover cream”

It helps to remove stretch mark from bodies of people who use it. The main target market for this very product is women and it sold well.

This was a product I sold some time ago and I sold more than 500 pieces of this product. The market for stretch mark remover is still there

 And I sold a piece for N10,500

 Now, take a look at this image below


As you can see from the image above, I bought this product for just 7 Yuan which is N376 naira only at a website far cheaper than the popular aliexpress called 1688.com.

Compare the above price to the one we have below


The screenshot above is the price on Aliexpress which is $4.49 dollars.

If we convert to naira, that will be N1,617

I have sold over 500 pieces of this product.



Check out the facebook video advert i used in selling the product below.

You can imagine the huge difference between buying at aliexpress and buying at a cheaper Chinese wholesale site called 1688.com

I made a whooping N10,000  per sale from that very beauty product and 500 pieces were sold altogether.

A total income of N5,000,000 came in from this very product.

So, you see you always want to cross compare on different websites to find the best possible price and for this product 1688.com has the best price.

See The Analysis Below

Now, if I had bought the stretch mark remover from Aliexpress, my profit margin would have been N6,500

6,500 x 500 = 3,250,000 PURE Profit

Because I actually purchased from 1688 my profit margin is N8,500.

8500 x 500 = 4,250,000 Pure profit

That is a difference of N1,000,000 naira.

This is TOO HUGE to be ignored.

This is why as a smart mini importer; you want to always get a product for the very best possible price so that you can maximize profit.


I Did Not Stop There I Went Ahead And Imported More...I Needed More Money

As an import and e-commerce expert, I decided to try another product.

After careful market research and analysis, I decided to go for a convenience product. This time i decided to import a night driving eye glass called the HD Vision glasses.

The product is the NIGHT DRIVING GLASSES that helps driver to have good visibility when driving at night.

If you own a car and you drive at night, you will know what I am talking about. This poor night visibility is a very BIG PROBLEM and my glass is the SOLUTION.

Below is a picture of the product

I sourced for this very product at my usual Chinese manufacturers portal called 1688.com at the of  N172 naira…

I repeat N172 only.

See the price on the site as shown below

The product was delivered to me here in Nigeria within 3 days of purchase by my procurement and shipping agent in China .

I took delivery of the product and created a lively video showcasing what the eye glass does and what it is used for.

I used my powerfull viral facebook and instagram advertising system to set up my adverts.

I sold the first batch.

As my product was remaining 50 pieces, I quickly ordered for more and it landed in 72 hours.

Below is a picture of the advert I used.



The product was purchased at N170 naira and the landing cost was a total of N300 naira per product.

I sold this product for N10,000 each.

And I was making a pure profit of N8,000 after removing all expenses. Now how many pairs do you think I need to sell to make N7,000,000?

That’s 1,000 pieces!


Now I know you will wondering how manage I sold about 1,000 pieces of this particular product.

Here Is How...

From the picture below, over 3,900 people commented on the advert placed on facebook for the niche product and they are desperate to get the product.


At least 2,500 were unique comments from people who are desperately in need of the product.

If only 40% (which is my usual conversion rate) of the people who comment buys the product, then..

It will be 1000 sales from that advert.

You do the math's and tell me how much it amounts to....

I used my Chabot auto responder facebook messaging software to manage the messaging to respond to inquiries even if i am offline.

I was actually shipping out 10 to 15 products on a daily basis and in about 100 days, I hit 1,000 products delivered to customers and money was fully remitted.





Below Are Products Shipped By One Of My Delivery Companies

Imagine...Bought For N2,000 And Sold For N20,000


Bought For N1,500 And Sold For N30,000




Bought For N500 And Sold For N10,000



Bought For N500 And Sold For N11,000




Payments From One Of My
 Delivery Companies


 Here is Another...

Yet Another.... 


Here Are Some From My Second Logistics Company




Over 2,000 Items Has Be Successfully Delivered 
To My Customers Nationwide



This is because...


 I Have A Proven, Duplicatable Formula...

Once i realized we had a proven and easy-to-follow formula, i decided to put it together for people who were just like you and me.

We wanted to remove the confusion and pain of setting up a mini-importation and ecommerce business...

And make it so STUPID SIMPLE that there would be zero barriers to your success when ever you want to launch a profitable ecommerce business.

If you are ready...

Then I am introducing you to my...

Easy Ecommerce Profits Training



Everything you need to set up, launch, and grow your own profitable eCom business.

No "Filler" Content. No Left Behind.

But It Wasn't Easy...

Although i am excited to share this information with the world...

I  didn't realize how hard it would be to put all this material together!

Previously, this was only available to private coaching students who paid up to N100,000 or MORE.

I pulled out the key, ACTIONABLE items and put them in the training.

I went over everything once, twice, DOZENS of times to make sure we left nothing out of the process of setting up and launching a profitable ecommerce business.

My Pain Is YOUR Gain!

But now that it is ready, the
Easy Ecommerce Profits Training  is going to save you so much TIME and MONEY!

You will avoid the wasted time and thousands of naira in mistakes i made when i first started...

You can start getting results RIGHT AWAY.

You will be able to launch your eCommerce in days, not months.

You will be able to make your first sale in days, not months

As you are about to get started in your own importation and ecommerce business, I am going to make available for you 20 tested and trusted evergreen products that you can simply import and start selling it immediately

Some months ago, I researched and tested some new products and I decided to share my findings with people on mentoring program and many of them imported it and made a fortune from it.


Below is the screenshot of an email sent by one of them to me



More Testimonies From My Students


Easy To Understand...


She Killed It With My Fb Adverts Secrets



Easy For Newbie's To Understand...



Any Body Can Do It..




Now is the very best time to jump into this business.

This is because…

The Economy Is Not Smiling, The Jobs Are Not There

The inflation in our dear country is increasing and the government seems to be at loss on how to tackle the problem.

The highest you see the government do is to gather able-bodied graduates and be paying them a miserable 30k monthly that cannot even pay their transports home and call them N-Power beneficiaries while their children are taking up juicy jobs at NNPC and CBN.

That is the main reason why you need to get a side business and add another stream of income to yours even if you are already working.

With what you have learnt so far, you can decide to hit the high way and get started on your own.

But if you need a guide…a mentor who will take you by the hand to teach you and make sure you succeed in this business, and then I am in the very best position to do just that for you.

Now we want to offer YOU the opportunity to be the next success story by getting your hands on The Easy Ecommerce Formula...

The Easy Ecommerce Formula is a complete step-by-step, over the shoulder training with resources and tools to help you launch your store and make your first sale THIS WEEK...


Here Is What You Will Get In The Easy Ecommerce  Training

Market Research: Here i will show you how to chose a market with desperate buyers, having cash in hand willing to beg you take their money. I will show you how to pick hot selling product and niche markets that sells like pure water in a hot sunny afternoon.
China Product Sourcing: Here i will show you how to get products at aliexpress at a very deep discount more than the displayed prices. I will also show you how to get products at 1688.com and other little know Chinese product sourcing websites at 10x Cheaper
China Sourcing Agent: I will give you access to my 3 trusted China sourcing Agents i do business with, that can help you source for ANY product in china almost for free.
Shipping and Logistics: I will also give all contacts to my logistics company you can pay in naira and bring your product to your doorstep in 72 hours.

Product Marketing: Marketing in every business is key. Here i will take you by the hand and show you how to create facebook and instagram adverts that brings in sales in Large volumes.

Chatbot marketing Mastery: When I just started, I lost a lot of revenue to so some mistakes that cost me over 500k in revenue. One of them is not responding fast to comments on my product page and not building a list I can cross sell to.

 I corrected this mistake by learning how chat-bots works and how to use them for ecommerce business. With this, I became far ahead of the average importer. 

Here I will teach you, step by step on how to use chat-bots to get up 10x to 15x profit
Spying on Competitors: I will also show you how you can SPY on your competitors to see exactly who they are selling to and you can use the information to your advantage.

I will also show you how to know they are targeting in their adverts

With this you can easily know what is currently trending, who their target market is and save yourself time and energy in trying to reinvent the wheel.

Video Adverts Creation: The winning system of making money from facebook and instagram adverts remains videos adverts. Here i will show you how and were to get Crazy Videos that will make people beg you to buy your your product.
I will also show you how to create and customize and add your contact information and effects on these videos yourself.
Hot Selling Products: I will give you my my jealously guarded list of 20 evergreen hot products to start selling right away.
Product Delivery: I will link you with the very best product delivery companies in Nigeria and how use them to achieve at least 90% product delivery.
 I will also give you my list of trusted personal delivery agents in major cities in Nigeria that deliver and remit to my account within 24hours.
Many More



After i have literarily opened your brain and pour in all i have mentioned above, you will be super armed with the right tools and strategies to make it big in the famous importation and ecommerce business.

Now Wait!!!

I Want To Give You Something That Will Shock You

When You Order For  This Mini-Importation And Ecommerce Training, I Am Going To Give You Some....



Look, I know if you get my product in your hands and put it to use it could change your life. I also know that if you're like most people, you procrastinate. I know what it's like to procrastinate, and I've missed out on a lot of great opportunities because of it.

I don't want that to happen to you. Therefore, I'm going to reward you for taking action and moving forward to realize your dreams of financial freedom. With that said, I've created four special "fast action" bonuses.

To get the super fast action bonuses worth N100,000,you MUST be among the first 10 people to take advantage of this offer and order for the Easy Ecommerce Profits Training
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Fast Action Bonus# 1

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Harness the power of our proven Facebook targeting strategies to build your fan base, generate leads and make more sales

Valued at N20,000 but your for FREE


Fast Action Bonus# 2

Chatbot Marketing Mastery


This is a powerful video tutorials that will show you exactly how market online with chatbots.

This report currently sells for N25,00, but you will get it for FREE.



Fast Action Bonus# 3

How To Setup Your Ecommerce Website

This is a powerful video tutorials that will show you exactly how to build your own ecommerce website with pains.

This video currently sells for N25,00, but you will get it for FREE.


 Total of what you’re now gaining access to is Over=N= 279,500

There is a question I want to put to and I need your sincere answer

Let’s say for example you invested N20,000 on my training and using my system, you spotted a product for say 700 per piece and you bought 10 pieces.

Lets analyze it here

Training = N20,000

10 pieces of product =N7,000

Shipping down to Nigeria=N 9,000

Facebook/Instagram adverts= N10,000

Total expenditure= N46,000

Now you sold all 10 pieces @ N15,000 each

Selling= 10 pieces × 15,000 = N150,000

Local shipping at N2,000 each= N20,000

N150,000 – N46,000-N20,000 = N84,000 PURE PROFIT

Now do you think you’d have gotten the money for this package? Listen,



What ai am about to share with you is GOLD. It has changed lives of hundreds of Nigerians financially. Success they say cannot be hidden and you can also see all the testimonies too.

This is what happens when you use the power of the internet and social media correctly.

Now take a look at this below

This is a fat burning exercise tool called Revoflex Xtreme Workout Machine.

It is sold by one of my students on Jumia for N4,950 only.

From the screenshot above, you will see that he has about 1,243 reviews. This simply means that he has sold over 1,000 pieces of that product.

Since it is not everybody that buys on ecommerce websites like konga and jumia, it will be save to say that the seller has sold well over 2,000 pieces.

Now let us see how much we can we can get same item at our cheap site 1688.com


 See the screenshot from 1688 below

The Revoflex Xtreme Workout Machine actually goes for 18 Yuan if you are buying from 3 pieces to 99 pieces.

Converting to Naira, the price is 18×54 = N972

Shipping should be like N850 per piece.

So total landing cost will be = N1,822

Selling price- Landing cost =Profit

N4,950-N1,822 = N3,128

Out of this N3,128 profit per sale, let us remove N800 as Jumia’s commission per sale and advert..

That will leave us with N2,328 pure profit per sale.

N2,328 × 2,000 pieces sold = N4,656,000.

That is it….a whooping 4.6 million naira in pure profit

4.6 million Just like that….no shop…no rent….no nothing.


I bless God the day I discovered this amazing system.

NOTE: That is just on Jumia…I have some of my inner circle students in this business that sold this same product using facebook and instagram ads for N12,000 each and they sold hundreds of it as shown below.



This Course Is Truly Life-Changing...

This mini-importation and ecommerce system is brand new and totally contemporary with all the latest trends.

So I'm sure you're smart enough to understand the wonderful unfair advantage this gives you over the rest.

So you're probably wondering just how much you need to invest in such a comprehensive, cutting edge, easy going, profit generating business.

Let's see if I can shock you (in a nice way)...

The Easy Ecommerce Training Program and  worth well over: N250,000

But because you'll be one of the very first to get your hands on this powerful guide, I'm not going to charge N150,000...NEVER

Now, what do you think I should charge for this?

NOT N100,000

NOT N75,000 

NOT Even N50,000

Okay….let’s leave it at =N=30,000

I am not going to do that because most people will not be able to afford it. But I really want to help a whole lot of people to move to the next level via mini importation and ecommerce, so…

Instead of that =N=30,000

Because - provided you are one of the first few people shrewd enough to understand what Ecommerce Training Program can do for your profits and happiness, your investment is a measly... 



Previous Price: N 12,000 

Current PriceN 15,000 Only 

Next Price: N20,000

Limited Number Of People Will Be Allowed To Gain Access To This Easy Ecommerce Profits Training  At This Current Discounted Price of N 15,000. Only 10 Will Get It At This Current Price thereafter, the price goes to N 20,000



My Triple Money Back Guaranty


Listen, I am so confident this training will change your life for the better that I am willing to give you 3 TIMES your investment if it doesn’t.


Try it out for a FULL 60 days and see for yourself.

If it is not profitable for you, send me an email and I will apologize for wasting your time and immediately refund 3 times your money to you.


But If You Are Slow To ACTION, You Certainly
Can Lose Out Big Time


 ... because I retain the ABSOLUTE RIGHT to INCREASE the price once THE FIRST 50 people order their own.

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You Are Now At The Crossroads

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Chose Now and...


Chose Wisely


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Make the right choice today, and it won't be very long before you see yourself making insane profits from import business. Then you'll know you really DID make the right choice today. .

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Donatus Amaechi
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